Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some Random tid bits and thoughts

This is another shot from the first session in the new place. It's another beautiful model, this time not in a bikini though. The shot was done with 4 white lightning strobes, camera setting were 1/250 ISO200 f/11.

Prints. Where do I get mine done. When do I go to a professional lab and pay more, and is the local drug store good quality? Well when I'm shooting anything for me, I generally take my stuff to Sam's club. They have a nice printing and processing center setup over there. The colors are always dead on, and I know for a fact that they calibrate their systems (at least in Tricounty Sam's) every morning. I have made friends with the people that work in the photo lab, so they generally take care of me. They do a good job with Digital prints, and with print film. If I'm going to be developing Slide film I take my stuff to Cord Camera in Tri County and Josh takes care of me over there. Now for any paid work that I do. Weddings, portraits, etc.. I go with Madison Photo Works in Covington Ky. They are the best top quality lab in Cincinnati. They are a pro shop, that delivers pro results. They offer almost any service that you can think of, including color retouching. Great place to deal with. Last but not least, I occasionally use Mpix which is an online retailer. They have the same quality as Madison, but a little cheaper. That's it on the printing. Not a whole lot to it.

Light sphere. I've been meaning to tell you all about this great little product that I have called the Light Sphere. They are made by Gary Phong, and I'm sure you have seen a photographer somewhere with one on his or her camera. It looks like a little piece of Tupperware on top of your flash. Wedding photographers love them. Here's what they look like:


I use the clear one, Shad uses the cloudy one. They really don't have that much of a different look to them. I'm really happy with mine, and would recommend it to anyone using flash.

Ok, that's it for the moment. If I think of anything else today I'll put some more stuff on. I've been fighting a cold the past few days, that's the reason for my lack of posts. Hopefully I'll be better in a few days. Talk to you later, Jason

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