Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Nikkor Lens

Nikon just announced the release of its first DX only prime lens. When I say DX only, that means that it is not meant for film cameras, or full frame digital cameras like the D700,D3,or D3X. It will work with them, but only in DX crop mode which cuts the megapixels in half. It's a 35mm f/1.8 "prime" lens. I obviously don't have any experience with it yet seeing as how it was just released two days ago, but I would imagine that the quality is Just as good as all of the other prime lenses produced by Nikon. At the moment I can't find this lens listed anywhere for sale yet, however Nikon is listing an estimated price of $199.95. For that cheap, I'll pick one up to try out. There isn't anything in this focal range available outside of a zoom for the DX or cropped format, so it may make a nice addition to the gear bag. If you want to check out the lens for yourself click here .

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