Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday March 25th

I was visiting my daily reads this morning and it's guest blogger wednesday over at Scott He has Joe McNally on talking about his new book The Hot Shoe Diary's. It's really a good read (both the Blog and the book).

I was catching up on my Photoshop User TV yesterday and they had an interesting guy with an interesting product on. The mans name is Michael Tapes, and the product is Lens Align. It's a really cool product to help with the calibration of your lenses. Many people don't know this, but lenses don't work the same from camera body to camera body. Even if it's the same model camera the lens may focus slightly different on one than it does on another. Manufacturers build lenses to stay within a tolerance. Even within that tolerence you can get a "not so crisp shot". This can be fixed with the lens align system. Check it out it's a great product.

On another note I think some of us are going to get together for a little photoshop instruction this Friday. If you are interested let me know. We're going to be at the studio in Bellevue. If you can't make it but want to learn, let me know and we can arrange to get together on another day.

That's it for the moment. Gotta get back to some editing. I'm sure I'll drop some more info or links or something later today. Make sure to check back. Jason

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