Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday 3-15-09

Day two here in beautiful Bradenton Florida. We went to the local oyster bar last night and had some wonderful seafood. After dinner we went back to watch the sun set for a second night. There were some clouds so we didn't get quite the scene that we had the night before, but I got this wonderful photograph of My grandparents and some of their friends. The key here was to balance the ambient with the flash. ISO 200 27mm f/2.8 1/15 of a second.

The key to getting the exposure correct is starting with the unchangeable. You have to set your shutter speed for the ambient. Remember that the shutter speed controls the amount of ambient light that the photo gets. Once you get your shutter speed set for the background scene you then have to adjust your aperture for the flash. In our case here we shot at f/2.8 because I had the ISO so low. What you come up with is a properly exposed background and a properly exposed subject in the foreground. I was using the TTL with Nikon's CLS system so my flash output adjusted automatically for me. Alright, off to enjoy the weather. More tomorrow. Jason

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