Friday, March 13, 2009


So after 22 hours, 5 inches of snow and 1000 miles, we made it to Florida today. As soon as we got here we grabbed a quick dinner and hit the pool/beach. I just caught as the last little bit of the sun setting. It was shot in manual, 50mm f/11 1/125 I happened to forget to set my ISO back down to 200 so it was still at ISO800. The image was a little noisy so I ran it through my favorite noise software Noise Ninja . I have to tell you Noise Ninja is one of the best noise programs out there. It comes in two versions, one is just a stand alone version and one is the plug in version. I use the plug in version with photoshop CS3.

Here's a quick snapshot of how the plug in looks when you run it: Click on the image to see it full sized.


What I do is hit the "profile image" button on the lower right hand of the screen. Once the program looks at the image and determines how much filtering it needs, it will place little red boxes around different points in the image. Click the OK button and you're done. This will apply the noise filtering to the image. There are other adjustments and fine tuning that you can do within the program but I haven't found a situation where the program didn't do the correct amount of filtering. Here is the image after I finished with my adjustments: Click on the image to see it full sized.


You can see I was shooting wide open because the focus is sharp on Dawn's face and her eyes, and falls off quickly as it gets to my son and daughter. Anyway, if you have noise in your images get a copy of Noise Ninja . I have another 9 days here so look for more beautiful sunset and ocean photos. I'm on vacation but I'll be on top of the blog. See you all tomorrow. Jason

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  1. You like cheesy sunset pictures don't you?! ..haha. (~B)