Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday, May 13th

Good morning to all. I know what you're thinking, "He already posted that crappy picture up here once, what gives?". You're right, I did post it up here one time before, but this time I posted it for a reason. I'm going to show you a technique that I learned from Scott Kelby on making posters. He did a blog post about it not too long ago(like last week) but I learned it way before that, I just never posted it up here. It's so simple to do, but adds such a visual impact, that I thought everyone should know how to do it.

Lets start with the before image:


A decent picture all on it's own, but I want to make it stand out! I want it to reach out and slap you in the face and say "look at me!". Ok that's a little over dramatic but hey it's early and I'm trying to be funny. The first thing to do is to open the file in good ol photoshop. Now go to your history panel and zoom out so that the file is not filling the whole screen. Go to IMAGE-CANVAS SIZE. A box will pop up, make sure that the "RELATIVE" box is check marked as shown circled below:


Now in the width and height boxes, type 3 then click ok. This will add a nice white border all of the way around your photograph. Now here's the really really hard part(not really, again I'm trying to be funny) click on IMAGE-CANVAS SIZE again but this time make sure that you click on the top "anchor" box as shown below:


This time we're going to add just 1 inch to the height as shown. By the way sorry about the crappy circles, it's really early and I haven't had any caffeine yet. Ok so now we have our border. Time to add our text. I use Trajan Pro(because I want to be like Scott. JK) because I like the font, but you can use any font that you want. I selected grey for the color from my color pallet, and gave it a name. That's pretty much it. You can add a signature(which I did) by either scanning a signature into photoshop from a written piece of paper, or if you have a tablet, you can just make yourself a signature right in photoshop. Either way works. I added mine to the bottom right of the image. You're done, that's it. Quick and simple, but effective.

If anyone reading this is into film, especially older film cameras you should check out Rocky Mountain Film. They still process, and sell older film. I was recently given a Kodak duoflex that took 610 film. No one makes 610 anymore. As a matter of fact, no one (except Rocky Mountain) processes it either. So if you have a weird format, give them a call, they may have what you need.

Ok unless something crazy happens today(like the D400 gets released) that's it for me. For more useless content, you can follow me on Twitter @RedDoorphoto. See ya tomorrow. Jason

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