Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday, May 14th

Morning everyone. Hope you all remembered to build that ark last night cause it's coming down out there! Man I am sick of this rainy weather in Cincinnati. I got to work this morning and was checking out my usual pages to see what was new, and I came across some interesting information over at He says that the D90 is the same as the D300 except that the D300 just costs more. What CRAP! They are two totally different cameras, intended for two totally different users. Read on to see what I mean.

Looking at the spec sheets from these two cameras, one could reasonably say, "yeah they are very similar cameras". But all one has to do is look at the images above to begin to see the HUGE differences between the two. The top image is the D90 and the bottom image is the D300. Lets start with controls. Notice how the D300 has all of the small levers and switches to the right of the LCD? Those are external controls designed to allow the photographer to switch his/her focus mode, and metering mode. You don't get that option on the D90. Look at the top view of the D300. See the three buttons that say WB, ISO, QUAL? Those do exactly as the names imply. They let you change the White balance, the quality(jpeg,raw, etc.) on the fly without taking your face away from the viewfinder. Now the D90 allows you to do this as well with the buttons on the back of the camera to the left of the LCD screen, but they aren't as easily accessed, and they aren't distinguishable like the ones on the D300 are. Also on the top of the D300 you may or may not be able to see that just below the ISO, QUAL, and WB buttons is a dial that allows you to change your shooting mode(continues high, continues low, live view, etc.). You have to go into the menus to do this on the D90. What does the D90 have in that spot? The silly "presets" for amateurs. No professional camera has those features. These things alone would be enough for any professional I know to shy away from the D90, but wait there's more! The burst rate for the D90 is 4FPS, D300... 8FPS! The media used to store the pictures that you just took; D90 cheap plastic SD cards, D300, tough INDUSTRY STANDARD Compact flash cards... No They are not the same. Yes, they have the same sensor in them, but that's it. That is the only similarity between the two. If you want a professional camera, get the D300, if you want a consumer SLR with the sensor of the D300, get the D90. Easy as that.

Lots going on this weekend. Got the Pink Productions Party going on tomorrow night a the Havana Martini Club. Lots of door prizes going to be auctioned off. This will be the third party that they've hosted down there and they just keep getting better and better. If you are in Cincinnati on Friday night, make sure to stop down and check us out.

For anyone planning on attending David Ziser's workshop make sure to get on his website and pre register, You'll save $20.

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Alright that's all I've got today. Probably won't be on here tomorrow because it's my twins 3rd birthday and I plan on spending all day with them(probably at Chucky Cheese). See you Monday!


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  1. I totally agree, they are 2 very different beasts. They may have the same image sensor, but with the D300 you have much more control at the tips of your fingers instead of being menu driven like the D90.

    By the way the first picture that you have of the suposed D90 is probably a D3, with a D90 badge. Kinda funny. The eye piece is round making it a full frame camera and it has a built in vertical grip. If thats a $900 D90, I want one... LOL

    Ben D