Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First Camera

I was digging through some images from earlier this year and I stubled upon this one of my daughter playing with my old Minolta MC-II. Except for the light meter(which was revolutionary for its day) this thing is fully manual. You have to load the film manually, you have to set the film speed manually, you have to do everything manually. This got me to thinking about those times when I was shooting black and white film and developing it myself. Those are the days that really got me into photography. When you never knew exactly what you were going to get when you got the negatives out of the canister. I'll tell you there were many times that I was plesently surprised, and there were plenty of times when I was dissapointed. I can remember one time in particular that I had a close up shot of a deer from the golf course out in front of my grandparents summer home, and I was so excited when I got into the dark room that I mis-measured some of the developer and ended up screwing the whole roll up. It was heart breaking, but yet a lesson learned. Anyway on to todays post.

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