Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday, June 25th

Hey everyone! Glad you found your way back over here for some more great content and news. First I want to do a quick update on the post from yesterday. I got a great link from a guy on Flickr on where to get the remote that I chopped up for $4.80. Go HERE to purchase that. With the Remote and the 1/8inch mono plug, that brings the grand total to under $10.00 US. Not a bad deal considering Nikon wants $90.00 for this thing.

Are you signed up for the photo walk yet? If not you better get going. Only 15 spots left. Also I just started a Flickr Group for this blog. View and join it Here. I'm going to start some photo contests very soon and similar to other blogs contests, you will need to submit your entry via Flickr to the group pool.

Many people may have already heard this,(I guess I just missed it somehow)but Pocket Wizard has pushed back the date of the release of their new Flex units for the Nikon's until the fall. The main hangup was a diversion of resources to fix a problem that was ultimately found to be a result of poor quality control at Canon. It seems that there was an Infrared noise issue found with the older(and by older I mean not brand new off of the shelf) Canon Flash units. They noise varied from very high to just mild, but it was effecting the distance and reliability of the pocket wizard units. I'm not one of those people that will only shoot a certain brand, or that just automatically hate a product because of who manufactures it, but come on Canon, get it together. This has delayed the release of the Nikon units, which by the way aren't having any QC issues during Pocket Wizards beta testing... When it comes to cameras and lenses it's really a push between Nikon and Canon. Really one isn't better than the other, but when it comes to the flash units, Nikon has them by a longshot. Ok, gotta run but don't forget to join the Flickr Group, and the photo walk!

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