Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday, June 5th

Hey Everyone. It's Friday! I'm down at the studio right now setting up for tonight's Shop Bellevue. Getting the Studio straitened up, and of course testing out the new Pocket Wizards. I hope to see everyone down here tonight. We're going to be here until 9pm tonight, so come down and have some fun with us. The address (for any of you who haven't been here yet) is 421 Fairfield ave. Bellevue Kentucky.

So we hooked up the Pocket Wizards to the strobes today. They work Great! There are no "false fires" or "fail to fires". To test the distance out we went up the street behind a car as shown here:


Didn't work. I was maybe 1000 feet away going through brick. I couldn't get the flash to fire until I was three more cars forward. All in all though they work great. If you don't have pocket wizards yet, and you plan on doing any off camera flash, you need them. Now's the best time to buy them too. Lowest price they have EVER been with the mail in rebate.

Ok gotta run. I have to get this place ready for tonight. See you here! Jason

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