Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday April 2nd

April Fools! Wait, oh I missed it again... Just kidding. Hope everyone had a wonderful April fools day. I was stuck inside so I decided to start reading The Hot Shoe Diaries, awesome book. Haven't been able to put it down yet.(except to write this of course). Joe McNally is one of the greatest photojournalists of our time and he did a wonderful job with this book.

Met a great graphic artist on Monday that I wanted to introduce you all to. Aaron Asch is a graphic artist based right down the street from us in Newport. He will take a fat girl and maker her skinny, or take an otherwise boring picture and give it life. Check out his site by clicking on his name above.

If you didn't already know, Shop Bellevue is coming up this Friday. This particular one will be extra special because it's the Easter rendition. Every shop that is open will have Easter eggs with prizes inside of them(donated by all of the other shops in the district) and the grand prize is a really nice diamond wring from our local Jeweler. So come down to Bellevue from 5-9pm on Friday April 3rd and visit. We'll be doing some little impromptu shots in the studio. We'll print you a 5X7 right then to take with you free of charge. The address is 421 Fairfield Ave. Bellevue Kentucky(about 5 blocks from Newport on the Levee). Gotta get back to my book, I want to have it done by tonight. See you all soon. Jason

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