Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday April 23rd

I know, I know, this is a blog about photography. But lets be honest we're all techy people. I mean you have to be to be into digital photography. For the hard core photo readers exit now. Today's all about this awesome new blackberry that I have.

So last week I my wife decided that it was time for her to join the rest of the world and get a smartphone. It was time for her to upgrade her phone with Verizon, so we went to check the new phones out. We had a pretty good idea what we wanted because we had gotten an advertisement in the mail for a buy one get one free Blackberry Storm. On top of that since it was time for her to upgrade, she got $100 credit towards any phone she wanted. That made our TWO blackberry storms $100 total out the door! Great deal right? I We thought so. Anyway, after almost a week with the new phone I have to tell you that I'm totally hooked on the touch screen! I have to admit that it took me a couple of days to get used to the key placement on the screen, and how it reacts to your touch. Also I have some big ol' gorilla fingers so it took some practice to figure out how not to hit the wrong key.

So what about features? What do I like, dislike, live with? Here goes. This thing is fast. Not only does it load applications fast(which it does a whole lot faster than I thought it would) it is twice as fast at my Pearl was on the mobile Internet, and attached as a modem on my laptop, this thing screams! Sending photos, weather its over a SMS picture message, or email is much much faster than on my previous blackberry. They claim that the data throughput on the Storm is considerably faster than any previous blackberry, and I believe them. Screen orientation is fast to change from portrait to landscape once you figure out that you have to have the phone placed perpendicular to the ground when you make the switch. Boot up time is a little lagging if you do a cold boot(which you have to do any time you uninstall and application) Sound quality is on par with every other blackberry I've owned.

There are a wide array of applications available for this phone. The best way to find them is to download the Blackberry App World. This is the official blackberry application store. When I say store though, not all cost money. Some are free, some do cost money. Here are my favorite 5 free applications for the Storm: Storm Locker. This does what they should have done from the factory with this phone. It locks the screen when you're on a call. It has a slider that shows up on the screen similar to the Iphone to unlock it. When the call is complete it automatically unlocks. CNN makes my list because I like to stay informed on what is going on. basically it's an icon on your blackberry that takes you directly to CNN's website. Weather Bug. This one's free for 30 days, but I think it's worth the 2.99. I like to be able to load the weather at the touch of a button. Super Pages I use this application all of the time. I have had it on all of my other blackberries as well. It allows you to do a quick search for a business or person. Very handy tool. Twitterberry Just joined the Tweeting movement, but it's an awesome application to have if you're going to tweet. Facebook Ok so that's 6 but I thought I should add this one too. I really like to stay connected with my friends on facebook, so I use the Facebook application for the Blackberry as well.

There are some things that I don't like about the Storm, but nothing even important enough to list here. I really think that once I get a few more weeks with it, I'll love it even more. So listen that's it for me today. I have some tweeting, and facebooking, and uh some other form of interaction to be doing. No really I have to get my stuff together for my trip to Louisville this weekend. I'm going to be shooting the Kentucky Derby Marathon. Have a good Day. Jason

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