Thursday, July 15, 2010

At the pool!(again)

Hey everyone! Glad to see you're back. It's been a really busy few months for us at RedDoor Photography. We expanded our business model when we moved into our new studio to include workshops/organized shoots. That has taken a life of it's own and now includes nearly 200 members, a team of dedicated models, as well as multiple shooting locals. If you're interested in joining us for these shoots you can click on "Glamour Club" from our main website or go directly to the Glamour Club website by clicking HERE.

Our latest shoot was at a private residence in Fairfield Ohio. We wanted to do a water shoot, specifically a swimming pool shoot. Hit the jump to see some of the images, and talk a little about the lighting setup.


We started out the day shooting in the hammock with the lovely Jessica. The ambient light was 1/125th of a second at f/8. We wanted to make the sun our fill so we underexposed our background by roughly 3/4 of a stop and set our shutter speed to 1/160th of a second. This made the background a little darker. Then, we moved in a strip light camera left just out of frame and set it to f/8. The result is a beautifully lit model with nice catch lights in her eyes.

We quickly moved to Kelsea where we kept the lighting the same, but moved the strip light around a little more towards her face to keep the eyes lit, as well as make sure that we didn't get deep shadows in the eye sockets.


The key here was to keep the light the same distance from the subject as we moved it. By doing this, we didn't have to re-meter the strip box, it stayed at f/8.


We moved into the pool from the hammock. This is one of those situations where we break the "rules" and still have a beautiful image. We placed the main light coming from the same direction as the fill. The sun was setting to camera left, but it was behind the trees. We still wanted to use the sun/ambient as the fill light and set up a strobe as the main. What we did was place a beauty dish on a boom extended to about 2 feet from the models left side. Now even though the main and fill source were coming from the same direction, the fact that the sun was behind the trees allowed us to actually use the entire sky as the fill. We determined that the ambient exposure was f/8 1/125th of a second at iso200. again to darken the background we underexposed, but this time we underexposed by an entire stop to 1/200th of a second. This made our settings f/8 1/200th of a second. We lit the model with the beauty dish as the main, the sky(and water) as the fill. This brings up an interesting point. When you're shooting in water, you have a natural fill card/reflector there. Water will reflect light really well, so when you light the subject from above and left like we did here, the light will cross her face and body, hit the water on the opposite side and reflect back filling in the shadows naturally.

This brings us to my next image.


Again we used the water as a fill. One light(sb900 speedlight) through a 24X24inch softbox camera right. When we were testing for this shoot, I actually got a similar shot that I liked much better found HERE.

Needless to say we had a great time. The models were wonderful to work with, and everyone left with tons of portfolio quality shots. If you'd like to join us for the next shoot, be sure to visit the site to see when our next shoot is.

Thanks for stopping by! See you all next time. Jason

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