Wednesday, July 14, 2010

iPhone4 Tripod holder

Hey everyone! Glad you all made it back to see us here at the blog. The image you see above is from our latest shoot, which happened to be with our Glamour Club. The model Kelsea was wonderful to work with, and we got some wonderful images. I'm going to do a post all about the shoot, and the lighting tomorrow but I thought I'd give you a sneak preview of one of the shots. Today I want to tell you all about what the UPS guy dropped off at my door today, the G Design tripod holder for my iPhone4.

iPhone holder 4

This holder allows you to place your iPhone4 on a tripod to shoot pictures or better yet, take advantage of the new iPhone's HD video capability... You know what that means right? Expect video content on the blog very soon... Hit the jump for the review and some more photos...

The first thing that I noticed when I pulled it out of the package(and noted on the G Design site) is that this holder is just the G3 version with the addition of small inserts to hold the thinner iPhone4 tightly. Check out the shot I took of it:

iPhone holder 3

The holder is made out of quality ABS plastic with a tripod mount at the bottom. I plan on using it for video blogging, and with the orientation of the iPhone's camera as well as my screen width on my laptop I need to turn the iPhone horizontal to capture all of my screen without excess background. Because of this, I would have liked to see a tripod mount on the side of the unit as well as the bottom. My gorilla pod wouldn't hold my iPhone in a horizontal position without tipping over so I will have to attach the iPhone to a larger "standard" tripod to do the blogging. Still, this holder is the best product I've found on the internet for the money for any version of the iPhone, and the only unit(that I've been able to find) that works with the iPhone4 without some "rigging". Here are a few more shots of the unit with the iPhone in it:

iPhone holder 2

Here I've got my buddy Terry White's iPhone app open. This is to show appreciation to Terry for turning me on to the 3G version that he reviewed HERE. After seeing his review I contacted the people at G Design about the iPhone4 unit and(to my knowledge) I'm one of the first to have and review it.

Here's another showing the iPhone4 in the vertical position and the video camera in action. (Note that I'm not getting the entire screen in the vertical position on the iPhone)

iPhone holder 1

So as you can see the unit works really well, is built well, and looks good. If you're a photographer looking to take photographs with your iPhone4 or if you're someone looking to use the iPhone4 for video, this is the unit you want to hold your phone.

Thanks for stopping by, see you all soon! Jason


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  2. Nice find, bought one just now thx.