Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bellevue Umbrellas

Hey everyone! This is a setup shot from our photoshoot on Sunday. We arrived around 6AM to the city of Bellevue to start preparing for the morning. Bellevue decided to change up some of their promotional materials and wanted to get the word out. Since our studio is located in Bellevue, naturally we wanted to be part of it. They printed their new logo on a bunch of bright yellow umbrellas to pass out to people during the "Shop Bellevue" event. Shad had the great idea to get a bunch of people out there in the street with the umbrellas and get some shots from up high. The city arranged a "cherry picker" and we got to work. We got some great stuff that morning including this shot of the people that showed up to hold umbrellas:


Now this is a fine shot. It shows the umbrellas, the shops, etc... But we were hoping for about double the turnout of people to hold umbrellas. I went to work...
Using photoshop CS3, and the magnetic lasso tool I selected different "umbrella groups" and copied them to new layers(50 in all). I then used the free transform(CTRL+T) to rotate, resize, and position the umbrellas where I wanted them. Here is what the shot should have looked like from the start:


Unfortunately since we didn't have enough people to hold umbrellas I had to spend 4+ hours in photoshop adding content. Worth it in the long run because that image along with the shot below and an HDR image got us on channel 12 news Sunday evening. Always love free advertising!


So I just upgraded to Photoshop CS4 last night. Not that there was anything wrong with CS3, but there are some added features in CS4 that I could just not pass up. I'm not ready to give any tutorials on these features yet, but I would like to give you a quick summary of what they are, as well as what they do.

Content Aware-Scaling This feature is HUGE. It allows you to "stretch" your image to fit whatever proportions you need, without distorting the image. If you have ever taken a digital photo, and said wow, that would look great as an 8X10 but when you tried to print it as an 8x10 things got cropped off, you'll love this feature.

Clone stamp preview This feature allows you to see what your clone stamp is going to look like before you stamp it. This is especially helpful if you are trying to clone along a strait line. You can now match up your lines before you actually stamp it.

Tabbed documents This allows you to have multiple open documents and keep them organized like never before.

Camera Raw improvements This is almost more like a complete overhaul of camera raw. It's interface now opens every type of photo file not just RAW files(similar to Lightroom) with white balance, clarity, as well as tone curves adjustment and a whole lot more. If you are familiar with working in lightroom's develop panel, you'll feel right at home here.

3D capabilities I don't really know exactly what they are, but I know that RC over at Photoshop User TV goes on and on about them. When I learn more about this feature, I'll pass along the info.

I'm sure there are some that I'm forgetting/don't know about, but these features alone are enough to justify the upgrade. Tomorrow I'm going to talk about how to transfer all of your preferences, brushes, actions, etc. over from CS3 to CS4. See you all then! Jason

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