Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Format

I couldn't help it... I was going through my Lightroom catalog looking for a nice photo to post today and I ran across this one. When we setup for a shoot we have to test the lighting. One of us has to stand in and play the "model". He should have known this was going to end up on the web... : ) So today is the first day with the new format. It's going to allow for a lot easier searching for particular articles. You'll see the first paragraph then click on read more to, well read more. This will make a big difference when it comes to the longer tutorial posts. So on to more exciting things that you actually care about!

Nikon just released a new line of point and shoot cameras that have built in projectors. They are supposedly able to project an image up to 8x10 on a wall/surface. Doesn't sound very exciting to me, but if you want to check them out click Here

I found a great site with tons of Lightroom video tutorials that are all free. The Digital Photography Connection offers free Lightroom video tutorials in a step by step manner that are easy to follow along with. Great stuff go check them out.

Also go to The Photoshop Insider to check out the new contest they have going on over there. They are offering a chance to shoot alongside Scott and Mike Olivella on the 50 yard line of a FSU game! Only amatuers are elligable so get over there and enter.

Well I have to cut it short today folks. Power went out and my battery is running low on my laptop. See you all tomorrow! Jason

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