Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today's post is dedicated to something that most people don't think about until it's too late, backups. A backup means having two copies of all of your data in two separate places. I say two separate places because you have to prepare for the worst to happen. If your house or business were to burn down, and you had your backup drive as well as your primary drive in one place, you would loose them both. Here's what I do.

When I am done shooting either a job or for myself, I bring my cards back to the house (or laptop when I'm on the road), and immediately upload them to the hard drive. I then make a copy to my portable hard drive that I am currently using for this years backups, as well as send a copy to my Western Digital external hard drive attached to my desktop computer. If I'm shooting for someone, say a wedding or whatever I also make a copy to DVD which I take to an off site location usually the next day. After I have done all of this, then I will reformat my memory cards. This is my procedure, yours may differ, but the important thing is that you backup frequently, and that you have the backup in a separate place from your main drive.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, I'm going to have some really useful work flow tips for photoshop. Jason

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